1 Hour Kindle Method

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How to Create Your 1 Hour Kindle Book in a Day

1-hour-kindle-methodWhat if you could create a 1 Hour Kindle eBook in a day! In the amazingly simple yet powerful 1 Hour Kindle Method, you will discover exactly how to do just that. The 1 Hour Kindle Method allows you to build confidence, access that book inside, share your inner wisdom, build instant credibility and save a tree. Your new Kindle eBook will be your new business card and resume combined!

No more suffering from the story that writing a book can be really hard and take a long time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The 1 Hour Kindle Method is a breakthrough new way to create a book that helps you:

**Publish your book today without needing to get a publisher or an agent;
**Get your book done VERY FAST;
**Create a book you will be PROUD to have people read;
**Have fun and enjoy the book creation process;
… and more!

If you’re a new author or simply someone who has dreamed of writing a book, keep these three facts in mind:

**You need a way to get that book published fast!
**Your own book is the #1 way to create instant credibility in any field!
**The 1 Hour Kindle Method makes it simple and easy to get your book done NOW!

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STEP 1 – Buy    STEP 2 – Review (5-Star Please*)